Director of the Commerce Department of Hunan gives a profound lecture at SANY

28 August,2019

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Mr. Xu Xiangping is giving a lecture

    On the morning of August 20th, at the invitation of SANY Group, Mr. Xu Xiangping, Director of the Commerce Department of Hunan Province, went to SANY Institute of Technology to give a lecture to SANY International Marketing Reserve Talent Class. Mr. Xiang Wenbo, President of SANY Heavy Industry, Mr. Tang Jianguo, Deputy Director of IHQ, Mr. Zhu Jingsong, Deputy Director of IHQ, and Mr. Zhang Hui, Headmaster of SANY Institute of Technology attended the lecture.


Mr. Xiang Wenbo is giving a speech

    Mr. Xiang Wenbo made a welcome speech. He introduced that Mr. Xu is the one who has deep research, extensive ideas and practical measures to link Hunan to the ¡°Belt and Road¡± and International Economic and Trade Cooperation. He suggested all the students take notes carefully during the lecture.


    Taking Africa as an example, Mr. Xu Xiangping explained the broad prospects, new patterns and new trends of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation in six aspects. He said: ¡°Where there's a will, there's a way. We have achieved great results in the past few years. And there are more opportunities in the difficult and undeveloped African countries. SANY should grab the opportunities, comprehend government policy to these countries and take full brand advantages to join in the infrastructure construction of Africa. At the same time, pay attention to the risks when expanding the international market. ¡°


    He also encouraged SANY to continuously explore the modes and business opportunities of ¡°cross-border management and barter trade¡± under the policy of the ¡°Belt and Road¡±. He hopes that all the students could establish a marketing concept and cultivate the international thinking, vision and pattern.



    The two-hour lecture was ended with Q&A. All the students claimed that they gained a lot from the lecture.


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